we are to busy brewing and selling our beers.

Its about time this page gets a good update.

Until then, here is some info about our first two brews and some of our testbrews.


Want us to brew some for you ?

A lot of things are possible at Neobosski as long as you have overlapping values and identify with what we stand for. We stand for creative beer, beer with a twist, something that will surprise as well as please.

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Who doesn’t want their own beer!

We offer you the possibility of creating your own recipe, something that matches your identity, maybe even including your own label and a name for the beer. Contact us and we will get together to discuss what kind of beer you would like. Bring a few beers you like and we will let you taste some of our test brews, and see what you like and dislike about the beers.

From there, there are a lot of possibilities. Maybe you decide you like one of our test brews so much that you would like to make it your own, or you have tried one of our regular beers and want to give that a twist.

Use the form and we will contact you with further details.