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Always busy making more recipes, brewing more beer, getting the beers to the shops and bars, going to festivals serving you our beers,.. We don’t want to complain, but it costs a lot of time. That is why this NEWS part of the website doesn’t contain much news.

It’s so easy to spread the latest updates through social media like Facebook that we sometimes forget there are quite some people wanting to read about this on our website. So lets try again.



Last months we expanded a lot. In July we produced double of what we did over whole 2016! Also we started selling our beers in the south, around Eindhoven and have been asked to bring some beers to Arnhem and Groningen. You can have a look at our beermap to see where you can find us.

We did many great beer festivals this summer and are planning festivals for next year already. Last weekend we did our first tap take-over at Lemmy’s in Leiden which was a great succes!



We’ve released a few new beers, currently having 5 beers in our stock list.  And we are working on a few more. This month we will brew two new beers for you. One will be our first collab. With Brouwerij Kwartje from The Hague. We met the guys earlier this year at the opening festival for the Dutch Beer Week. We got along with them great and we had something in common; adding chillies to beer. Over the past couple of months we’ve chatted about brewing something together and finally we both found time to go brewing this collab at their brewery in The Hague. We won’t give you more details, but one can guess it will be beer and something with chilli!

The other brew will be a recipe that we wanted to brew for a very long time, actually the basis of the recipe was born even before we started the brewery. It’s a pretty heavy one tho, and therefor it wasn’t our first choice to start our brewing adventure with.

To be able to write some news in the very near future we won’t say more about our upcoming new beers. Now lets hope we find the time to update the news section of our website.

BELANGRIJK / IMPORTANT MESSAGE (concerning Wicked Lemon Batch: 17005)

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Aan alle kopers / afnemers van het bier “Wicked Lemon”.

Helaas is er met de productie van de Wicked Lemon met batchnummer 17005 (te vinden in zwarte print op het etiket) iets niet goed gegaan. Hierdoor bestaat de mogelijkheid dat het bier van de batch met eerder genoemd nummer onbedoeld verder gist in de fles. In incidentele gevallen zou dit kunnen leiden tot een te hoog oplopende druk in de fles. Bij het openen van een dergelijke fles kan er bier uit spuiten en in een extreem geval kan een dergelijke fles spontaan knappen.

De producent van dit bier adviseert u om, als voorzorgsmaatregel, flessen Neobosski Wicked Lemon met batchnummer 17005 welke u nog ongeopend thuis heeft, ongeopend weg te gooien. Indien u een foto van het flesje maakt waarop duidelijk zichtbaar is dat het betreffende flesje ongeopend is en het etiket goed leesbaar is, krijgt u bij overhandiging van deze foto uw aankoopbedrag terug.

Latest beershop and bar list

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Neobosski is now available at the following places:

– Berts Bierhuis
– Bottles & Booze
– Café de Zaak
– Café Lombok
– De Bierverteller
– Mad About Malt
– Mitra Ina Boudierbakkerhof
– Mitra Doornburglaan
– Mitra Amsterdamsestraatweg
– Mitra Handelstraat
– Mitra Draaiweg
– Oproer Brewpub
– Slijterij Zuilen
– Van Bieren

The hotness is spreading.
We are also available in other places than Utrecht, where?

The Beershop, online
– Van Schaik, Aalsmeer
– Hendricks Pub, Alphen a/d Rijn
– Bierwinkel HOP, Amersfoort
– Van Zanten, Amersfoort
– Plus, Amersfoort
– De Bierkoning, Amsterdam (soon)
– Van Schaik, De Meern
– Flink Gegist, Delft
– ‘t Klooster, Delft
– Dorst, Den Haag (soon)
– Arnaldus Bieren, Gouda
– De Goudse Eend, Gouda
– Leidsche Bierwinkel, Leiden (soon)
– Van Schaik, Maarssen
– Van Schaik, Montfoort
– Van Schaik, Nieuwegein
– Extrapool, Nijmegen
– Slijterij Barrique, Odijk
– Mad About Malt, Rotterdam
– Plan-B, Rotterdam
– Slijterij Brouwers, Soest
– Van den Linden, Soest
– Mitra Ella Fitzgeraldplein, Terwijde
– Van Schaik, Vianen
– De Voorburgse Bierwinkel, Voorburg
– De Zwart, Wilnis
– Bierwinkelzeist.nl, Zeist
– De Schavuit, Zeist

Note: especially in bars Neobosski could be sold out or out of stock.
Don’t find your own bar or beershop? Let them know they can call us!

Dutch Beer Pages wrote something cool, and it’s all about us!

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Hell yeah 😀 Our first interview! Read below or visit the website of Dutch Beer Pages.

– – – – – – – – –

NeoBosski: bringing you sooty otters and swearing blondes

Hello Beer loving Friends, how nice to see you again. Vacation is over, the Olympics have finishes so back to writing about beer.

The summer was a time of reflection. The last year and a half have mostly been about festivals, some philosophical ideas and new stories about breweries I had written about before.

It was great writing for about where Duits & Lauret, Rooie Dop and ‘t Uiltje are years after the first blog post about them. Their rise was a great look into how craft brewing in this country started to grow. But I didn’t pay too much attention to the wave after. Was I too excited by the breweries I already knew? Was the quality of the new ones not as good as the first wave?

One reason was that I was getting tired of yet another brewery releasing yet another blonde, tripel or IPA. But over the summer I came across some new breweries that released some beers that didn’t fit that mold and it got me interested again in the part of writing about beer in the first place. I found that my favorite pieces were always about new brewers that just started but made great beer. Passionate people with a story to tell. And it is a truth that the better the brewer, the better the answers that you get back by e-mail. Which in turn leads to great articles. So, the coming weeks, I will once again bring you stories about the people who are relatively new to the scene but bring something special. Back to basics for the blog, and today I start with a new brewery from Utrecht called Neobosski.

_DSC0899First Contact

At the beer festival in Utrecht in May  I ran into Marco Lauret of Duits &Lauret who had just visited the Neobosski stand for a beer and a T-shirt. He liked it, which is as much as a thumbs up as you can get.  I have to admit their beer was one of the better ‘new’ beers at the festival. This and their overall look, more hipster than corporate, more organic than designed, also was more to my liking. A few weeks later their beer was on tap at Oproer!, which was another sign of approval from serious beer aficionados. Time for a closer look.

Who are Neobosski?

Neobosski is a two man team of Eric De Bos (The Boss part) and Neo (The Neo Part, Jeroen van Beek). Their paths to brewing start at different places.

As they explain it:

“Eric studied biology and has a degree in ecology, but eventually became a webdeveloper. He works as a senior developer and scrummaster at BNN/VARA (a national TV broadcaster on the public station, MB) where besides building awesome websites, drinks a lot of beer with his colleagues. Outside work he’s an enthusiastic nature guy, and being a biologist certainly gives him a bit of an edge in the brewing process.

Neo started his own event planning bureau a few years ago, working with a group of friends to help upcoming artist get gigs. With the decline of government support for the culture industry in the Netherlands it got harder and harder to make a living out of it, and with our brews getting better and better, he decided to quit and focus more and more on Neobosski. Next to that – being a enthousiastic cyclist – for now he works at a cycling shop (De Vakantiefietser)  in Amsterdam but plans to make Neobosski his full-time job in the near future.”

The Debut

For a few years they experimented with brewing, as you can read on their own website.

The two were influenced by separate brewing philosophies. And it is not only the beer itself that influences them, image and marketing are also a part of it. Neo is more influenced by the more American influenced breweries like ‘t Uiltje and Oedipus and Scandinavians like Mikkeller and Brewski. Erik has more of a thing for Belgians like Dupont, Rochefort and Bosteels, but is also very enthusiastic about Dutch breweries Emelisse and Duits & Lauret.

This eventually led to their first commercial brew: the Sooty Otter, a Black IPA. Ratebeer scores it a 96/90, the average on Untappd is a nice 3.79. Not too shabby right? Of course I had to ask about the name:

“We used Maris Otter Pale Ale Malt, maybe the best Pale Ale there is, but also because Neo’s wife’s last name is den Otter. And sooty means blackened, smirched or covered in soot, like a chimney sweeper, which is a bit how the beer looks like in your glass. Basically an otter covered in soot from dark roasted malts. “

The Utrecht Beerbrewersfestival was the first time they served the Sooty Otter to a larger public. The reactions from the public were great, yet the feedback from other brewers was even better. A public vote of confidence is one thing, having your peers like what you do is even better.

I then asked how they felt about being available at Oproer!, not the worst place to have your beer on tap. Turns out that the connection between the Neobosski guys and then still Rooie Dop stretches back to their days in downtown Utrecht. Neo practiced with his band in the same building where Rooie Dop brewed. They would drop in with them and try some of their test brews. In fact, this interaction might have been the planting of the seed that would eventually grow into Neobosski.

And now years later Neobosski is on tap at the next phase of Rooie Dop: Oproer! It is a confirmation that what they do is right. But besides Oproer two other premier beer bars have started selling it: DeRat and the Drie Dorstige Heren. This means three of the premier beer locations in the city liked it.

The Sooty Otter and the Next

So what is next for Neobosski?

“Our next beer will be something totally different. At the end of August we will be releasing a Belgian blonde-chilibeer.

Neobosski - outdoors-8

Foto by ByManja

We’ve named it Swearing Blonde. She is hot and slightly silty. The spice is going to make you blow your top, but besides that, it’s quite tasty with a bit of sweetness. Not everyone will be able to tame her, but if you are ready to give your taste buds a good rush you might fall in love with her!”

The Swearing Blonde will be released on Saturday September 3rd at Mad About Malt in Utrecht. I for one will be looking out for it. It is great to see a new and different brewery again.

Visit their website and Facebook page for more news

Where to get our beers…

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The last couple of months our Sooty Otter has found its way to several bars and beershops. Here is a list of places you should, could or would be able to find our beer (unless sold out…):


ACU, Utrecht
Arendsnest, Amsterdam
Averechts, Utrecht
Café Derat, Utrecht
De Paas, Den Haag
De Vinger, Den Haag (available soon)
Drie Dorstige Herten, Utrecht
Hendricks Bar, Alphen a/d Rijn
Kloek (Vredenburg), Utrecht
Kompaan Beer Bar, Den Haag (available soon)
Mary K Hotel, Utrecht
Oproer Brewpub, Utrecht


Berts Bierhuis (Voorstraat), Utrecht
Bierwinkel HOP, Amersfoort
Bottles & Booze, Utrecht
De Bierkoning, Amsterdam
De Bierverteller, Utrecht
De Deelkelder, Utrecht
Flink Gegist, Delft
Mad About Malt, Utrecht
Plan B, Rotterdam
Slijterij Zuilen, Utrecht
The Beershop Online
Van der Linden, Soest
Voorburgse Bierwinkel, Voorburg

The UBBF was awesome!

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Wow! What a great day we had at the 6e PINT Utrechtse Bierbrouwers Festival 🙂

Prior to our official release (due to changing the date from May 8th to the 22nd) we had our pre-release of the Sooty Otter at the UBBF last Saturday.

We got great responses from both brewers and visitors! Have a look at Ratebeer and Untapped to see people their reviews, we are pretty pleased with what they say about our otter!

Due to our rental beertap we didn’t have a compensator on the tap machine, so our drafts looked like Guinness beers and people had to wait for over a minute to be able to properly drink it. One of the things on our list is our own beertap, so next time you see us on a festival the beer will be served properly! 

Sooty Otter beer release on may 22nd @ Mary K Hotel

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News item revised on may 3rd

Our first beer is almost ready to serve!

On may 22nd we will launch our Sooty Otter in the Utrecht wharf cellar of the Mary K Hotel. A day later it will be available at the Mary K Hotel and in several bars and stores in Utrecht and other selected areas.

NOTE: You need to suscribe for this event, please do so by sending us an e-mail on info(at)neobosski(dot)nl.

When you are a retailer and want to have our beer, please contact us!


6e PINT Utrechtse Bierbrouwers Festival

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A week after our Sooty Otter beer release we will be standing at the 6e PINT Utrechtse Bierbrouwers Festival, together with 26 more breweries from the province of Utrecht.

The location of the festival is at De Fabrique in Maarssen, very close to Utrecht and easy to reach by public transport.

Get a draft at our stand and have a chat with us!
We will also bring some merch with us 🙂

More info about the festival here: http://www.houtensbrouwcollectief.nl/