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Always busy making more recipes, brewing more beer, getting the beers to the shops and bars, going to festivals serving you our beers,.. We don’t want to complain, but it costs a lot of time. That is why this NEWS part of the website doesn’t contain much news.

It’s so easy to spread the latest updates through social media like Facebook that we sometimes forget there are quite some people wanting to read about this on our website. So lets try again.



Last months we expanded a lot. In July we produced double of what we did over whole 2016! Also we started selling our beers in the south, around Eindhoven and have been asked to bring some beers to Arnhem and Groningen. You can have a look at our beermap to see where you can find us.

We did many great beer festivals this summer and are planning festivals for next year already. Last weekend we did our first tap take-over at Lemmy’s in Leiden which was a great succes!



We’ve released a few new beers, currently having 5 beers in our stock list.  And we are working on a few more. This month we will brew two new beers for you. One will be our first collab. With Brouwerij Kwartje from The Hague. We met the guys earlier this year at the opening festival for the Dutch Beer Week. We got along with them great and we had something in common; adding chillies to beer. Over the past couple of months we’ve chatted about brewing something together and finally we both found time to go brewing this collab at their brewery in The Hague. We won’t give you more details, but one can guess it will be beer and something with chilli!

The other brew will be a recipe that we wanted to brew for a very long time, actually the basis of the recipe was born even before we started the brewery. It’s a pretty heavy one tho, and therefor it wasn’t our first choice to start our brewing adventure with.

To be able to write some news in the very near future we won’t say more about our upcoming new beers. Now lets hope we find the time to update the news section of our website.

The UBBF was awesome!

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Wow! What a great day we had at the 6e PINT Utrechtse Bierbrouwers Festival 🙂

Prior to our official release (due to changing the date from May 8th to the 22nd) we had our pre-release of the Sooty Otter at the UBBF last Saturday.

We got great responses from both brewers and visitors! Have a look at Ratebeer and Untapped to see people their reviews, we are pretty pleased with what they say about our otter!

Due to our rental beertap we didn’t have a compensator on the tap machine, so our drafts looked like Guinness beers and people had to wait for over a minute to be able to properly drink it. One of the things on our list is our own beertap, so next time you see us on a festival the beer will be served properly! 

6e PINT Utrechtse Bierbrouwers Festival

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A week after our Sooty Otter beer release we will be standing at the 6e PINT Utrechtse Bierbrouwers Festival, together with 26 more breweries from the province of Utrecht.

The location of the festival is at De Fabrique in Maarssen, very close to Utrecht and easy to reach by public transport.

Get a draft at our stand and have a chat with us!
We will also bring some merch with us 🙂

More info about the festival here: http://www.houtensbrouwcollectief.nl/