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Developing a beer for a third party.

By March 5, 2016 No Comments

Three weeks ago we had our latest test brew session. Not just a brew, we are making a recipe for a yet not to be further named group, who were dreaming about serving their own beer. We are going to make that dream happen!

A tasting session resulted in the pale/wheat beer direction, a little stronger as a regular beer, and something fresh, fruity and stubborn.

We have chosen the supplements by testing some herbs and spices a week before brewing. We made several tests, using different combinations, adding some water to each test glass and a tiny bit of vodka and let it soak for a few days to get an idea of how it might taste in the beer we have in mind. The chosen ingredients are Djeruk Purut (Indonesian Limeleaves) and pink pepper (Schinus terebinthifolia – actually not a real pepper, but a species of a flowering plant in the cashew family). The limeleaves will add a bitter citrus aroma and in combination with the pink pepper it will create a citruslike, sparkling, and a little sourish flavour.


We splitted the brew in two different fermenting tanks, adding different amounts of our chosen supplements and a different yeast. We’ve done a little tasting before botteling and our intentions for this brew seem to work out well. One is more subtile, almost a real IPA. The other is a real, bitter, fruity, saisonlike beer. Now we have to wait a few more weeks to let the young beer develop and gets its real taste.

We will keep you updated!



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